Modular Pumptracks in the wheeled sports industry is making a huge impact right now, and quite rightly so!

So much so, we are proud to announce we have reduced our current lead time to as little as 4 weeks. There’s never been a better time to order your Modular Pumptrack and have it delivered and installed ready for the summer months.


With the noticeable increase in popularity of Modular Pumptracks across the globe, we have made a few updates to some of our modules...

1. Recycled Plastic & Rubber Feet

As of January, the Fibreglass product will ship with all the "Feet" (the parts that contact the ground) made from Recycled Plastic and Rubber, instead of Plywood. This feature significantly increases the longevity of the product because no "wood based" products are in contact with the ground.

The Recycled Plastic provides the structural properties and the Rubber provides a cushion between the modules and the ground, which:

- Virtually eliminates the noise that the modules make when they bump the ground, significantly

reducing the overall noise level of the product.

- Improves resistance to sliding on smooth surfaces.

- Protects surfaces like parquet and other delicate flooring, from scratches and other damage.

2. Hidden Low Side Bolts on the B01 Module

The B01 "Bump" Modules now have the low side hardware hidden under the structure, and yet still accessible from the sides for quick assembly. This is a key safety feature that also eliminates the need for our CA3 modules that were historically used to cover the protruding hardware on our Modular Pumptracks.

3. Smooth Riding Surface Edges

The third significant new feature for 2018 is smooth edges on the Riding Surface of all components on the Modular Pumptrack. This significantly reduces the risk of scratches when riders and their equipment brush up against the edges of the Modular Pumptrack.

If you would like to discuss installing a Modular Pumptrack into your local community, holiday and leisure park, or if you'd like to discuss our Modular Pumptrack available to hire, perfect for local events and birthday parties, then get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to assist you!

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