As most of our clients and followers are aware, we have a passion for wheeled sports in the community, in particular the use of Modular Pumptracks. We understand that they are not the traditional option when brainstorming ideas for local communities, but here at The UK Ramp Co. we want to change that!

So how can installing a Modular Pumptrack have a positive impact on your community?

1. Promote an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Across the globe we are noticing a dramatic change to the way we as adults live our life... implementing more time for the gym, spending hours researching clean eating and HIIT routines and just generally leading a more healthy, active lifestyle.

BUT, the real challenge is peeling our children and teenagers away from their latest gadget or computer game and engaging them in an activity that gets them moving - especially without them knowing it! Because hey, its really not cool to work out with our parents! Unfortunately, that is just the reality of today. And right there is the very reason why it is so important to implement creative areas and facilities designed to engage the next generation.

With it's multi use design for all wheeled sports, installing a Modular Pumptrack really does offer a great solution to getting our children (and adults alike mind!) out in the big outdoors, getting active and in a safe environment which is accessible and right on their doorstep. Modular Pumptracks can be used by all wheeled equipment - bikes, BMX, skateboards, scooters, roller blades and wheel chair users too! They really do not discriminate!

And what's more, Modular Pumptracks get the users whole body active without them even realising it. The idea of the Pump Track is for the user to generate their own momentum by moving their arms and legs to pump them over the rollers and round corners, requiring you to engage your core muscles for stability and to ignite your own natural balance. From their arms, to their stomach muscles and legs; it really is a full body workout - one which you can enjoy with your friends and family for hours.

2. Developing Life Long Skill Sets

You may be thinking that having a Modular Pumptrack in the community would be a waste of money as it will be a 5 minute wonder, but thats not true. Let us explain...

Our Modular Pumptracks are designed to allow the user to develop their skill sets along the way. Initially, they will have to generate a relationship with the 'pump' motion - one that can be worked out quite quickly will get you moving, a mastered technique will however, get you moving faster and will aid you to progress on the course to jumping from one roller to the next and incorporating 'wheelies' and turns. For our little ones, learning balance, patience and independence - giving them a positive 'can do' attitude to tackling obstacles.

Modular Pump Tracks allow the user to develop their own skill sets over time and it makes them use their brain, to think creatively and find their own solutions to their own dilemma; 'how do I move faster', 'how can I make that jump'... It continues to engage people as their skills develop. A Modular Pumptrack is the place where people can turn a spark of enthusiasm into a lifelong passion for their wheeled sport.

Both physical and mental developmental skills can be obtained by just getting out and enjoying the Modular Pumptracks with your friends and family members! And that moves us nicely on to our next point...

3. Social Inclusion

Anyone and everyone can use a Modular Pumptrack... Yes, that's quite a statement to make, but it's true.

Professionally designed Modular Pumptracks will engage a wide range of ages, from our very young toddlers on balance bikes to full grown adults! The whole reason behind a Modular Pumptrack is that it should be a fun and beneficial facility for all to use - all ages, all abilities, all genders, all races, all wheeled sports! Pump Tracks allow all abilities to use the same track at the same time. It is not unusual to see a professional rider using the same track as a total beginner.

Like traditional skate parks, a Modular Pumptrack enables the users to interact with each other and to be creative but without the risk of feeling intimidated by large groups.

Everyone can have fun and more importantly the structure is safe for all to use.

4. Reduce Anti Social Behaviour

“Barry Sidings Pumptrack has reduced antisocial behaviour in the community by 70%” – PC Nigel Bird, South Wales Police.

A report made in 2009 of a Modular Pumptrack installed in South Wales, confirmed that the it reduced antisocial behaviour by a massive 70%. These figures speak for themselves!

Modular Pumptracks provide the community, particularly our teenagers and young adults, with a place to meet with their friends, engage a positive social relationship with their peers and other community members, find a hobby to get passionate about, a skill to focus on and develop over time and a great form of exercise in a safe, friendly environment local to home.

Could your community be the next success story from installing a Pump Track? We're proud of what our Modular Pumptracks can achieve and are passionate about their positive impact on our local communities and more importantly the next generation, the future, OUR children!

If you would like more information on how we can help you enhance your local community, from initial design concepts right through to the delivery, installation and maintenance on your Modular Pumptrack get in touch today.

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