Modular Pumptracks Hit the UK Holiday Park Scene!

The UK Ramp Co. are passionate about wheeled sports and promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. We know just how important it is to implement creative areas & facilities designed to engage our children in outdoor play.

Modular Pumptracks are a fantastic product to enhance outdoor attractions and a relatively new product to reach the UK market.

Many other countries have been reaping the rewards of having a Modular Pumptrack installed for a number of years now, with amazing success stories for both holiday parks and local communities equally.

With it's multi use design for all wheeled sports, installing a Modular Pumptrack really does offer a great solution to getting our children (and adults alike!) out in the big outdoors, getting active and in safe & friendly environment.

So how can a Modular Pumptrack enhance your holiday park?

- Caters to all ages, from toddlers to adults

- Suitable for all wheeled sports; scooters, bikes, roller skates/blades, skateboards, longboards

- Wheelchair accessible

- Built from modular components = endless design possibilities

- Perfectly formed to custom fit your space

- Little or no ground works required prior to installation

- Ability to change or upgrade the track at any time

- Robust construction meaning low maintenance

- Increase footfall to your site

- Promotes a healthy, active lifestyle

- Hours of fun for all the family

With children's attractions being one of the top priorities when booking a holiday park get away, modern, dafe and fun play equipment catering to all ages is a must. Not only does it attract new guests, but by making their stay at your park a memorable and enjoyable experience for the whole family, they will be more inclined to rebook.

Case Study

Our latest customer and the very first Holiday Park in the UK to install a Modular Pumptrack, Sands Caravan & Camping Park in Scotland, had a fantastic response to the installation of their Modular Pumptrack earlier in the month (before the park was even open for the season)! With potential guests jumping on our Facebook posts and theirs, almost immediately to ask when the site was open and if they had availability to book!

Modular Pumptrack at Sands Camping & Caravan Park Scotland UK

Sands Caravan & Camping Park is situated in Gairloch, West Ross, Scotland. With up to 250 units plus 20 statics and 12 WigWams on site, the new attraction of the Modular Pumptrack will be sure to be a big hit. Not only are their outdoor provisions accessible to guests, but with the local town being only 3 miles out, their onsite cafe is very popular with locals. It's customers use the cafe and the outdoor play facilities for a fun day out. So not only will the attraction of the Modular Pumptrack benefit their guests, but also the residents of the surrounding local communities which will only allow for a higher footfall and greater potential for ROI.

James Cameron of Sands Caravan & Camping Park said:

"After having out Modular Pumptrack installed back in December, we are very eager for this season to start! We have stretched our budget this year to opt for the Modular Pumptrack over similar equipment as we feel it will be a worthwhile addition to our site. Our outdoor play area is our main attraction and our objective this year was to improve these facilities for the kids to really enjoy and make the most of the amazing space we have. It's great for adults too meaning the whole family can get involved. We have high hopes that the Modular Pumptrack will encourage our guests, new and old, to keep returning to Sands."

More Information...

The Modular Pumptrack system in made up of 11 interchangeable components which can be custom designed to fit any environment. So the track options really are endless! And what's more, the modules can be picked up and moved at any time, meaning the longevity of the product will surpass any site redesign or upgrades with very little maintenance required.

Modular Pumptrack Boomerang Track Design Layout

The versatile nature of the pumptrack would be a perfect addition to any Holiday Park across the UK. Modular Pumptracks can even be installed indoors or hired on a daily basis for one off events.

The UK Ramp Co. is proud to be the only Authorised Dealer of the Parkitect Modular Pumptrack in the UK. To enquire about installing a custom designed pumptrack from as little as £18,000 in your vacinity, please get in touch on 01923 678432 or email

Read more about Modular Pumptracks and how it can benefit your space or event.

References: Sands Caravan & Camping Park

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